LUMS is a titleholder of the only ‘Outstanding IPS-QSi EOMS Certification’ in the region.
  • Quality Enhancement Cell
    Quality Enhancement Cell


The approach to quality at the Lahore University of Management Sciences is enhancement led. An ongoing focus on quality underpins the University’s academic excellence by ensuring quality standards and practices across the learning and teaching provisions at the University.


The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at LUMS plays a pivotal role in the way quality is interpreted, recognized, implemented and measured. QEC focuses on ensuring that academic curricula and teaching methods constantly adapt to the diverse expectations of individuals across a wide range academic programs. Quality assurance is a continuous process to achieve the highest levels of relevant content and intellectual innovation through an effective quality mechanism.  Quality Assurance (QA) benefits includes:


  • Trust
  •  Recognition
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Greater Acceptability
  • Performance Excellence
  • Accreditations
  • Strategic Goals Achievement
  • Adherence to standards